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The Challenges of Making Money Serving the Poor: Why We Need to Redefine Success in Social Impact

Social impact enterprises and social entrepreneurship have become buzzwords in recent years. Entrepreneurs, investors, and philanthropists alike are increasingly drawn to the idea of using business as a tool for social good. This is, of course, a laudable goal, but it is also one that comes with many challenges and I am speaking from my […]

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Decentralized Organic Waste Processing: A Sustainable Food Waste Solution.

The adage “waste not, want not” has never been more applicable than it is right now, given the global food waste epidemic. Discarded food makes up an astonishing 60% of household waste, which has serious effects on the environment, economy, and food security. The need for creative and long-lasting solutions to minimize food waste has […]

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The Need for a Dedicated Department to Help Startups Expand in Africa.

African startups find it extremely difficult to grow their companies across the continent. Due to the market’s extreme fragmentation, it is challenging for businesses with limited resources but excellent products or services to expand their networks and take root in new nations. While nations like the United States and Israel have departments to assist its […]

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Facilitating the Exit Process: A Key to Increasing Investment in African Startups.

Africa has a growing startup scene with many promising ventures, but one of the major obstacles facing entrepreneurs is the difficulty of exiting their companies. This lack of a clear path to exit makes it more challenging to attract investment, as investors are typically looking for an eventual payoff on their investment. Therefore, to increase […]

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The Power of African Diaspora in Funding the Startup Ecosystem

Africa has long been viewed as a continent that is ripe for investment opportunities. Despite facing numerous challenges such as political instability, limited access to capital, and lack of infrastructure, African entrepreneurs have continued to innovate and create new solutions to address the continent’s pressing problems. One key source of funding for African startups comes […]

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