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Henri Nyakarundi is a seasoned entrepreneur and business coach, bringing over 20 years of experience to help tech entrepreneurs succeed. He specializes in product modernization, startup pitch strategy, business scalability, grant research and application, providing a comprehensive suite of services to help businesses grow and succeed.


Product Modernization Strategist

As a Product Modernization Strategist, Henri brings his extensive experience and expertise in the technology industry to help businesses modernize their products to meet the ever-evolving needs of the market. He helps companies identify areas of improvement, prioritize updates, and implement changes that drive growth and success. Book a call for this special service.

Startup Pitch Strategist:

Henri's experience as a Startup Pitch Strategist is unmatched. He helps entrepreneurs develop a compelling pitch that not only clearly communicates their value proposition but also captures the attention of potential investors and customers. He works with startups to refine their pitch, create a strong investor deck, and practice their delivery so they can secure the funding they need to grow their business.

Business Scalability Coach

As a Business Scalability Coach, Henri helps companies maximize their growth potential by identifying the key drivers of scalability and creating a roadmap for success. He works with businesses to streamline processes, optimize operations, and scale their offerings in a way that is sustainable and drives growth.

Grant Research and Application Specialist

Henri's expertise as a Grant Research and Application Specialist is unmatched. He has a deep understanding of the funding landscape and the processes involved in securing grants from government agencies, foundations, and other organizations. He works with businesses to identify opportunities, research the best fit, and guide them through the application process so they can secure the funding they need to bring their ideas to life.

About me

As an Author, Speaker, Trainer, Facilitator, Coach, Strategist, and Leader, Henri Nyakarundi has brought his unique blend of expertise and passion to the world, making an impact wherever he goes. 

With a deep commitment to exploring his own potential and helping others, Henri has traveled to more than 12 countries across three continents, sharing his knowledge and insights with a diverse range of audiences. Whether through his writing, speaking engagements, or hands-on work with impactful products, projects, and events, Henri is dedicated to using his leadership skills to make the world a better place.

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